Blood dragon flower – A flower with many feng shui meanings

Blood dragon flower tree unique strange flowers. Flowers with a unique dragon-like shape. On the other hand, the blood dragon flower tree with flowers growing around the stem, the tree is a woody climbing flower with many outstanding features. The flower tree has a unique and strange flower, the tree grows at a normal rate, but when it has flowered, it will definitely flower evenly, wrongly and very brightly. Join us to learn more about this flower!

What is the blood dragon tree?

Blood dragon flower tree belongs to the type of woody creeper, long-lived, is a special flower tree, with a flexible body like a rolling dragon, besides the aesthetic value it brings, blood dragon flower tree also brings Feng Shui meanings for growers.

Outstanding features of the blood dragon flower tree


Blood dragon tree is a creeping, perennial woody plant. This is a tree about 10-50m tall. The trunk is brown, the trunk can climb soft and flexible like a dragon’s body. Because of this feature, the tree is called by the very good name “blood dragon”. Mature plants can reach 25-30cm in diameter. The tree grows and develops quickly, the tree coverage is wide.


Blood dragon leaves are very large, like a hand, about 4-7cm wide, 5-12cm long. The leaf margin is not serrated, the blood dragon leaves are pointed at the tip, the leaves are shiny green. Thick leaves, large foliage.


The blood dragon tree that gives the biggest impression to bonsai lovers is the flower. Blood dragon flowers grow in extremely beautiful, fancy and impressive chains. Blood dragon flowers do not grow from the leaf axils, the tips of the branches, but from the trunk. Each flower string is 50-100cm long. A string has many flowers, each flower is 5-10cm large. The flowers are purple in color, and the top of the flower has a very eye-catching yellow color as if the flower is “wearing a hat” beautiful and funny. Blood dragon flowers bloom for a long time: from summer to autumn. Another interesting point of the tree is that the older the tree, the more wrong flowering.

The effect of blood dragon flower plant

In the field of trees

Blood dragon tree is a fast-growing tree, quickly covering a large space, the tree gives beautiful and unique flowers, the body is flexible and flexible…. That’s why people plant Blood Dragon tree into perches, fences, gardens, villas… It brings a unique, interesting, beautiful space, bringing a sense of peace and freshness to the house. by you.

The tree has feng shui meaning

The blood dragon tree is a flower named after the sacred animal – Dragon. An animal that is worshiped and respected. Therefore, the Blood Dragon Tree is a symbol of prosperity, nobility and luck.

In medicine

In addition to the decorative and beautifying effects of space, in medicine, blood dragon tree is also a valuable remedy for brain tonic, liver detoxification, etc.

How to plant and care for blood dragon trees

The dragon tree is an easy plant to grow and care for. You just need to note a few things to have a healthy blood dragon tree, wrong flowering.

Selecting a planting site:

The dragon tree can grow on all types of soil. However, like other plants, in order to grow and develop quickly, it is most favorable with fertile soil, rich in humus, rich in nutrients and the soil must have good drainage.


The blood dragon tree prefers shade but can also grow well in full light. You should note that if the plant is less than 1 month old, it should be covered for the tree, avoiding direct light that affects the growth of the tree. The plant is adaptable to many climates, tolerant of large temperature ranges.

About irrigation water and humidity:

The plant does not like water, does not tolerate drought. With medium humidity, the plant will grow well. The blood dragon tree has strong roots that go deep into the ground, so it needs normal watering. You don’t need to water too much. You just need to pay attention, water and keep the moisture for the plants when they are young.


Blood dragon tree can be propagated by cuttings, sowing seeds, or cuttings.

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