Cyclo in Hanoi

On the streets of the capital, sitting on a cyclo, tourists leisurely admire the surrounding scenery.

Hanoi is over a thousand years old, people talk about the fate of a hundred-year-old cyclo. Exactly, this vehicle is not yet “two and fifty”. Because the patent for a tricycle first appeared in the city of Marseille in the south of France in the 30s of the last century.

And the first time it appeared in French colonial Indochina in the Far East was identified in 1936, with the event that a cyclo driven by two people made a marathon “hoe” taking turns the person pedaling. , running from Phnom Penh of Cambodia to Saigon of Cochinchina to demonstrate the superiority of this type of vehicle.

In fact, cyclo used to carry people only developed not long ago, having met the challenge of the times. Although the cyclo in our country has something better than similar vehicles of the surrounding countries. On their side, the cyclist sits in the front (like a buggy in some southern provinces) making the passengers sitting in the back a bit inconvenient because they can only see the back and the burden of the biker.

There is another place where cyclists are placed next to them like riding a three-wheeled motorcycle (si-de-ca), looking at the front is clear, but looking to the side, they are entangled with cyclists.

Particularly, the type of cyclo used in Hanoi seems elegant because the passenger sitting in the front and the cyclist sitting in the back makes the car run without feeling the hardship of the cyclist, and can freely look at the surrounding scenery.

Meeting him riding a bicycle in the back, cycling and talking or introducing the landscape and monuments, there is probably nothing like it.

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