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What is banyan tree?

The flower ban tree is often called with a folk name, which is the gooseberry tree. Hoa ban is translated in Thai as sweet flower, sweet here is sweet and tender.

Scientific name: Bauhinia variegata L.


Distinctive features of the banyan tree

Hoa ban is a woody plant, the tree is about 5-12m tall, depending on the climate conditions and the level of care, the tree will give different heights. The stem and branches of the banyan tree have a dark brown bark, when young it is covered with a layer of smooth hair that fades as the tree matures. The leaves are staggered, the petioles are heart-shaped, the margins are round, the tips of the leaves are deeply hollowed into two shallow lobes. The two sides of the leaves are quite smooth and there are no serrations at the edges. The young leaves also have hairy and long petioles, while the older leaves lose the hairy layer, the petioles become shorter and green, the veins emerge on the yellow upper part.

Ban flowers have many colors such as coated flowers, purple red.. faint, pleasant fragrance. Perhaps because of such a fragrance, the ban flower attracts many different insects, especially bees and butterflies, because the stamens are quite sweet. Flowers have 5 petals from purple, light pink to white, each flower diameter is about 8-12cm. Ban flowers usually grow in clusters, each cluster gives quite a few different flowers, the flowers are grown from the interstitial leaves of the flowers, which are quite large. Ban flowers usually bloom around May every year, blooming time can last from 2-3 months. When the flowers are in full bloom, the banyan tree looks like it’s only carrying flowers without any leaves. After the flowers fade, your tree will still bear fruit. The fruit is flat and smooth, the fruit contains many seeds.

The meaning of ban flower

The flower ban tree is known in love, it represents sincerity, high bar, a loyal love, lipstick color, acacia paint attachment.

The effect of banyan tree

In the blooming season, the people of the Northwest bustlingly welcome groups of tourists, visit the enchanting beauty of flowers, which bring to the beauty of the mountains and forests and are also the dating places of couples.

Currently, ban flowers are not only grown in the high mountains, but also in the plains or in the capital Hanoi. This is a kind of shade tree that is quite popular, trees are planted in streets, parks, public works, apartment buildings, schools… to beautify the urban campus, create an impression at the same time. It is also meaningful as a spiritual gift, a specialty of the Northwest to urban areas. Planting ban flower trees not only makes the landscape more beautiful, the atmosphere more fresh, but it also brings the direction of the mountains and forests crept into each street and alley, making people seem to be in harmony with nature. , giving people a comfortable spirit, relaxing after tiring moments with the hustle and bustle of life.

In addition to the beauty effect, the flower ban tree is also used to process dishes as a famous specialty, people often take the flowers and buds of the ban tree to cook soup, salad, mannequin or stir-fry. . To show respect for the deceased, people also use flowers to offer to the ancestors’ altars on holidays or at the beginning of the new year.

How to plant and care for banyan tree

Hoa ban is a plant with strong growth ability, it easily adapts to many morphologies, climate conditions, withstands harsh conditions and pests well, but when the tree is young, we need to pay attention to care. and carefully protected, should use stakes against trees or fences around to avoid trees being broken due to external influences.

The soil for planting flowers also needs to be loose, nutrient-rich and well-drained soil so that the plants are not waterlogged in the rainy season.

Plants like light, so plant them in a well-ventilated place with a lot of wind, so the tree is less susceptible to pests and more flowers.

Because the ban flower is a woody plant, we do not need to water it too much, the tree will easily be waterlogged and die.

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