Happy flower tree – the meaning of happy flower tree

A happy tree is a tree that brings happiness, joy, and health, that’s why the tree has such a beautiful name. Does this plant have flowers? What are the uses and meanings? Let’s find out with us!

What is a happy flower plant?

Happy Flower is a large woody flowering tree, originating from Southern Europe and Western Asia, the most unique beauty of Happy Flower is that the flower has the ability to grow directly from the stem, every time the flower blooms. The whole tree has hundreds of flower clusters with attractive pink colors that bloom slowly from root to tip to form a beautiful flower chain.

Basic characteristics of the happy flower plant

The happy flower tree is native to Southern Europe and Western Asia, and has been introduced and planted in Vietnam in recent years.

Happy Tree is a perennial tree, in the form of a shrub, woody, can be 10-12m high

Leaves are dark purple when young, then gradually turn green. In autumn, the leaves turn from green to yellow-orange, the leaves are heart-shaped.

Flowers grow in clusters, growing around on stems or branches, purple-pink. Flowers usually bloom in late spring.

The fruit is a pea.

Meaning of happy flower tree

Tree of Happiness, right from its name we can also imagine the luck it brings to each family. According to feng shui, the happy tree brings happiness and warmth to the owner, not only that, the leaves are also green, symbolizing faith and hope. The happy tree brings uniqueness, charm and sophistication to the garden.

The application of happy flowers in life

Happiness Tree is often used as a decorative shade tree for gardens, or planted in pots placed in large spaces such as the foyer, or can also be placed in the foyer, corridor, even in the courtyard. offices.

In addition, the flower of the Happiness tree is also a very rich food with Vitamin C used in soups, desserts… The fruit of the tree can be used as a bean when young. The wood of the tree can be used for furniture…

How to plant and take care of happy flower plants

Happiness can be planted all year round, but the best time to plant is early in the rainy season.

Soil for planting Happiness is most suitable on alkaline soil, rich in humus. Because it cannot tolerate waterlogging, the soil must be high, with good drainage.

Depending on the weather conditions that provide water for the plants, watering should only be done when the soil around the base shows signs of dryness, should be watered early in the morning.


+ Fertilizer: fertilize 400kg of manure/1000m2

+ Top dressing: Periodically fertilize the tree, can be fertilized with NPK 20-13-13 synthetic fertilizer once a month.

Happy Trees are usually less susceptible to pests and diseases.

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